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Project Awards

Download and read entry requirements.  Download Entry Guidelines

• You will be asked to upload your entry in PDF or Word Document Format.
• You can also load three supporting images.
• If you wish include video in your entry, please provide a link to video hosted online.
• You can enter Consultant/Project Manager of the Year as part of a Project Entry. Please make sure that information on the individual being nominated is clearly indicated within the entry document

Download - Template for your Project Award Entry Document

Please note that you are free to create your own entry document as well


Distributor of the Year

You will be asked to upload your entry in PDF or Word Document Format

Your entry will be marked against the following criteria.


Please answer each point separately. Entry document must not exceed 2,000 words.

Demonstrate why you feel you qualify for the Distributor of the Year award.

What has your business achieved in the past 12 months that makes it stand out from the competition?

This can be a mix of initiatives launched to help resellers maximise their business, reorganisation of reseller facing teams, exceptional credit provision in a difficult economy, significant expansion of the business through organic or acquisitive growth, reseller education programmes or simply punching above your weight in terms of business offerings.

What has been your company's biggest achievement over the past year?

Pick a particularly successful case study (can be either reseller partnership or vendor partnership) from the past year and explain to the judges why it was such a success, and why you think it will help you win this award. A reseller/vendor testimonial can be used to back up the case study.

Entries are actively encouraged to include hard facts and figures - (please be clear if any details are confidential. Confidential details will be used for judging purposes only).



You will be asked to upload a statement explaining why the individual in question a worthy winner. The statement must be in PDF or Word Document format and you need to provide a high-resolution image of the individual nominated.

Areas where worthy winners may have excelled:

• Pioneered a change in AV industry operations (eg related to safety, standards or procedures);
• Invented or commercialised a remarkable progression of an existing or new technology;
• Champion of AV to other industries;
• Encouraged and promoted achievements of others.


Consultant of the Year

You will be asked to upload nomination / supporting statement from a client or colleague explaining why the individual or company in question is a worthy winner. The statement can be in PDF or Word Document format and you must provide a high-resolution image of the individual nominated.

Where possible, worthy winners should demonstrate the ability to:

• Present original proposals to meet a client’s requirements;
• Develop innovative solutions to tackle challenges within a project;
• Successfully co-ordinate different stakeholders and contractors within a project;
• Deliver projects on-time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client.